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About Noto Industrial

Noto Industrial was founded by John P. Noto.
John began his career in the industrial forklift and aerial work platform industries in 1973 while employed by Pride Equipment Corporation, one of Long Island’s premier forklift and aerial work platform dealerships. He worked there for 24 years, from 1973 to 1997.
During the 1970s, he was actually one of the pioneers of a new type of equipment that hit the marketplace called “aerial work platforms.” He worked in the field as a field sales rep until 1985 when he was promoted to a Sales Manager position.

In 1987 / 88, the company took on a product line of narrow aisle and very narrow aisle forklift trucks, which required warehouse layouts in order to sell the product. So, in 1988, he began using CAD software to design or redesign warehouses showing the benefits of narrow aisle and very narrow aisle storage systems. Within a few short years, this developed into a new division with the company called the Industrial Engineering Division. John remained the Sales Manager and also took on the responsibilities of this new division.
As the company grew and government regulations increased, it became necessary for the company to start offering safety training services for both divisions. So, in late 1992, John started the Safety Training Division with the company. The company used one of their manufacturer’s safety courses for the operators of aerial work platforms but could not find a good training program for the operators of forklift trucks, so John wrote his first forklift training course at that time. He was also the primary trainer with the company.
In 1997, John left Pride Equipment Corporation and started his own business doing essentially the same things that he had done at Pride.

Noto Industrial
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