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Powered Industrial Truck, On-Site Courses

Operator Certification Course

(All Operators Must Be Certified Every Three (3) Years)

Note that this course is for companies, not individuals. OSHA specifies that the operator’s certification must be both equipment and site specific. This is because there are many different types of forklifts and countless different operating environments. Therefore, an operator’s certification does not carry over to another company. Each company must train and certify their operators based upon the equipment they have in their own operating environment. Therefore, we do not offer Powered Industrial Truck training for individuals.
The training course we use:
Our training course was created by John P. Noto and features a dynamic Power Point Presentation, including more than 350 slides, 100 photos, and more than 30 video clips that exceeds OSHA regulations. The course is designed to vividly show the hazards associated with powered industrial trucks and the failure to follow established rules and guidelines.

Train-the-Trainer Course

We provide an extensive Train-the-Trainer course, which is also conducted on-site.

Recent LI and NY Forklift Accidents

  • 6/9/14 – Forklift User Killed At Work – LI Newsday
  • 2/19/16 – LI Man Struck & Killed By Forklift – News 12
  • 11/26/15 – Upstate Man Dies Underneath Mast – Source Unknown
  • 3/25/15 – LI Man Dies After Falling Off Forklift – LI Newsday
  • 6/18/14 – Forklift Tragedy At Queens Worksite – NY Daily News
  • 6/11/14 – Forklift Accident Kills Brooklyn Man – NY Daily News
  • 3/27/14 – Brooklyn Forklift Calamity – NY Post
  • 10/14/13 – Forklift Fall Kills Queens Repairman – NY Daily News
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Safety training
John P. Noto Conducting a Course in Hauppauge, NY
Operator Test
After the Class, an Operator Test is Conducted
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